OB Truck Specification

Lenght / Width / Height
16,5m / 4,10m / 4,00m
Power 1x 63A, 3-phase 400VAC UPS

Cameras UHD/HD:
13x Grass Valley LDX-86N
2x Grass Valley LDX-86N - 3x/6x super motion (1080p 3G)
1x For-A FT-ONE-OPT 4K Super Slomotion Camera (up to 900 fps)
1x Grass Valley LDX-C86N Compact Camera
2x Dreamchip Atom Mini 16 4K mini camera 

4x Canon 012ex4,3 IASE-S
5x Canon 020ex7,8 IASE-S
8x Canon UHD90 DIGISUPER 90 

9x Sachtler System 25 
8x Sachtler Video 75 + Cine 150 Long 
2x Orbiter 500
1x Glidecam X-30 

Wireless systems:
1x Vislink HCAM-WCS with fiber data extender 

Production (5.1 monitoring):
Vision Switcher Grass Valley Karrera 9M/E (9M/E in HD and 3M/E in UHD)
3M/E hardware panel
160 IN, 64 OUT (HD) 40 IN, 16 OUT (UHD)
6 keys per M/E incl Resize, 2DPM, iDPM (HD), 
3 keys per M/E (UHD) 
2x Konvision KCM-3160W 31" 4K monitors
5x Sony BRAVIA 49. HDR Professional displays

4x LeaJer LV5333 Multi SDI Monitor with HDR licence 
6x Sony BVM-E171 4K/HDR reference monitors 
6x Konvision KVM-2260W 4K monitors 
1x Sony X300/2 reference 4K/HDR OLED monitor 
1x Sony BRAVIA 49" HDR Professional display 
Phabrix PHQX01 UHDTV rasterizer/analyzer/generator with HDR/WCG support

Video Systems:
Riedel Mediornet Networked Video Router and Multiviewer
364x364 3G IN/OUT plus
all inputs with DMUX, all outputs with MUX and FSY
Multiviewer with 126 pips for up to 28 heads 14x AJA FS-HDR up/down/cross conversion (4x 2K/HD/SD or lx UHD)
2x Evertz Master SPG with automatic chan-geover

2x Mediomet CompactPro Audio/Video stageboxes 
3x Lawo Compact I/O 

Graphics System:
On Request

Audio Systems:
Lawo MC2 56 MKIII 16+16C+16
48 Fader Console
Nova 73 Compact HD
RTW TM9 Goniometer 
TC Electronic 6000
Genelec 8030CP/7050BPM 5.1 Monitoring 

Wired Microphones:
4x Sennheiser MKH 70 P48
6x Sennheiser MKH 418S
15x Sennheiser MKH 60 P48
4x Sennheiser MKH 40 P48
4x Sennheiser MKH 30 P48
4x Sennheiser MKH 8090
10x Sennheiser e845
2x Sennheiser MK 8
4x Sennheiser e901

Wireless Audio System:
16x Sennheiser System 6000 Receivers
16x Sennheiser SK6000 Transmiters
20x Sennheiser SKM6000 Transmiters
2x Sennheiser EK6042 Camera Receivers 

Wireless Monitoring (InEar):
5x Sennheiser SR2050IEM
15x Sennheiser EK2000IEM

Riedel Artist 128 Matrix
20x Internal OLED Panels
5x External OLED Panels
4x Commentary OLED Panels
2x RiFace Radio Talkback
15x Motorola DP4400 Radio
8x Riedel Bolero Wireless Beltpacks
5x Riedel C3 Wired Beltpacks

Field Monitors:
4x KVM-2260W 21,5" HD LCD monitors
6x KVM-2451W 24" HD LCD monitors
2x KCM-2460W 24" UltraHD LCD monitors

Digital Glue:
LYNX Distribution

Plura/A+V RUBIDIUM system

Lawo VSM

4x EVS VIA 4K 6ch
EVS IPD, XFILE3, XHub3, 10-Gig Network
3x AJA Ki Pro Ultra Plus (2x Sony XDCAM on request)
2x SimplyLive MMR-110 USB recorder

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