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Ekstraklasa Live Park is a joint-stock company, who’s owner is Ekstraklasa S.A. Our main goal is to produce the television signal of all Ekstraklasa matches. Our portfolio consists of over 1500 transmissions. All 296 matches of the season, are produced in High Definition and Dolby 5.1. During each match we use 11 cameras, including the 3-phase Super Slow Motion camera. Receivers of the signal are NC+, Eurosport 2 and multiple other TV broadcasters all over the world. We own the most high-tech Outside Broadcasting Van in Poland, equipped with 13 cameras, including the Super and Ultra Slow Motion cameras.

Ekstraklasa Live Park is a company which hires professionals with extensive experience in production and implementation of sporting events. Our team members have participated in the production of; FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championship, UEFA Champions League matches, UEFA Europa League, Polish football national team matches, Summer Olympic Games, FIS Ski Jumping World Cup, World Weightlifting Championships, professional boxing and MMA galas.

Our work has been recognized by the producer of the TV signal of all FIFA World Cups since 2002. Exchange of experiences with HBS, which defines standards for TV production of football matches, allows us to deliver a product worthy of the best football leagues in Europe.

We invite individuals, businesses, institutions and local government units to make use of our services. We provide friendly and professional service. We are able to produce TV signals of the highest quality, not only from sporting events, but also concerts, outdoor events and conferences.

Our team

A graduate of the University of Warsaw – Management Department and Juran Institute Southbury (Connecticut) USA - Total Quality Management. He gained experience working in an advertising agency, and at the Daewoo car factory. Has several years of work experience in Legia Warszawa S.A. in many positions, including few years as the Chairman of the Board. Co-founder of the first professional football league in Poland – Ekstraklasa S.A. On the Board of EKSTRAKLASA LIVE PARK since May 2012

LESZEK MIKLAS Chief Executive Officer

He studied law at the College of Business and Administration. He gained experience in management and television production of sport events - especially football - in Canal +, TVP, Polsat and Orange Sport. With EKSTRAKLASA LIVE PARK since September 2011.

MARCIN SERAFIN Chief Operating Officer

A graduate of the University of Szczecin, Economics Department and postgraduate Methods of Valuation of the Company's Share studies in the Warsaw School of Economics. CFO with years of experience in large capital groups. With ESKTRAKLASA PARK LIVE since January 2012.

KRZYSZTOF BAUZA Chief Financial Officer

‘Master of Arts, majoring in American Literature at the Warsaw University Institute of English, Malgorzata Borkowska has extensive experience both in the acquisition and sales of media rights in  an international environment.

Starting her career as a Literary agent, she moved on to work for publishing houses: Proszynski I S-ka and PWN Polish Scientific Publishers, to subsequently work for Telecoms: Orange Poland and NETIA. For nearly 4 years she had managed the Ekstraklasa, Ligue 1, Belgian Pro League and Roland Garros properties within the MP&Silva agency.

She’s been with Ekstraklasa LivePark since Sept. 2018 and is responsible for domestic and international media rights sales.’

MAŁGORZATA BORKOWSKA Media Rights Consultant

A graduate of the University of Warmia – Mazury in the Department of Economic Sciences. In 2010, she gained professional qualifications as an independent accountant, and in July 2012 as tax specialist. She gained professional experience working for a large Polish tour operator and a publishing office. With EKSTRAKLASA PARK LIVE since June 2014.


A graduate of the School of Economics in the Faculty of Tourism and Recreation and the Department of Management at the University of Warsaw, specialist Master Management Studies. 2006-2010 connected with nSport, then with Deutsche Bank. In EKSTRAKLASA PARK LIVE since the inception of the Company.


He graduated from the Department of Radio and Television in the University of Silesia in Katowice. As production manager, he has been involved with Canal + Poland since 1995, so from the beginning of its operations. Afterwards, as a producer and publisher he worked for Multi-Production, where he contributed to, among others, Orange Sport. With EKSTRAKLASA LIVE PARK since September 2016.


She graduated from the Jozef Pilsudski’s Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Tourism and Recreation Department and the University of Silesia in the Radio and TV Department. Specialist at Organization of Film and TV Production. Since 2006 she has worked with nSport, then TV Puls and Orange Sport. With ESKTRAKLASA PARK LIVE since the inception of the Company.


Graduated The Higher School of Commerce and Law and she is a graduate of Finance Akademy. Previously she worked in the medical sector and she was responsible for statistics for the outside units. In Ekstraklasa Live Park since July 2017.


He graduated from the Warsaw School of Computer Science, Information Resources Management Department. In 2008 - 2015 associated with Telewizja Polsat Sp. z o.o. as a studio engineer and an outside broadcast truck engineer. He has experience in working on major sporting events.


A graduate of the Mechatronics Department, Warsaw University of Technology. His adventure with television technology has started in college, while writing a thesis on Systems for Automation of Broadcasts. After graduation, professionally involved with Audiovisual Systems Integrator, Studiotech Poland, where, among others, he was the leader of the broadcasting truck project for Telewizja Polsat. He was then associated with Telewizja Polsat as a Broadcasting Truck Engineer. Further developed professional experience by working for foreign entities at such events as the Olympics in London or America's Cup in San Francisco. Godfather of the first EKSTRAKLASA LIVE PARK’s outside broadcasting truck. Associated with the company since the end of 2015.


A graduate of the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Warsaw. He worked in AtomicTV, Synthesis Media, TV Puls, TVN Warszawa, and Orange Sport. With Ekstraklasa Live Park since 2014.

PIOTR BRYGOŁA image editor

He graduated from the Department of Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw. Television experience gained at Orange Sport. He was then associated with sport.tvn24.pl. With Ekstraklasa Live Park since 2015.

PAWEŁ DROGOSZ Video Producer

A graduate of the journalism department at the Warsaw School of Social Psychology. Television experience gained at Orange Sport.


He has been working in the film and television industry since December 1997. Owner of BROADCAST-TV production company. Associated with sports, including Ekstraklasa since August 2008. He’s been with Ekstraklasa Live Park since 2014.

KRZYSZTOF KULAS Cinematographer

A driver with great experience. In his career he worked as a lighting producer in Canal+, amongst others. With Ekstraklasa Live Park since December 2015.


Since 1998 he has worked in Telewizja Polsat as a driver. Between 2007 - 2016 – worked as a driver-electrician, at first in a help car, and then from 2013 as the driver of the broadcasting car. From March 2016 associated with Ekstraklasa Live Park as a second truck driver.


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